Position to matter.

If you can't share your position quickly and concisely, you don't have a position.

That's where we come in ↓

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Brand love & customer respect inform everything we do.

Great marketing isn't about random solutions for poorly understood problems. It’s about how well we understand your goals and audiences in an effort to influence.

It's about knowing your strategic business goals and understanding who your key customers are, what they need, and what influences them to act and share. It’s about developing a killer brand position that they can’t ignore. And it’s about connecting that position to them in the most compelling and cost-effective way.

And that takes a little time and a lotta love. If your marketing partner tells you they’ve got it figured out after the first meeting, they’re full of themselves or just full of sh*t.

We’ll deliver the art and science of figuring things out.

An extension of your team - and your success.

Justice Work

We’re proud to invest in the community we call home.

Philanthropy and volunteerism are the price you pay to live in a great community. Here are a few of the causes we support and truly dig -- for their commitment to inclusive community, to safety and dignity for all, and to the creation of a dynamic and creative community.

London Cares
Museum London
United Way London and Middlesex
St. Joseph's Hospice
Pillar Nonprofit
St. Joseph's Healthcare London
Youth Opportunities Unlimited
Anova London
Children's Musem
Children's Health Foundation
YMCA Western Ontario

How we price

Hourly rates don’t work. It pits the client against the agency. Agencies look to inflate hours while clients hope they'll work fewer hours to keep budgets low. #IndustryFail

We don’t think that’s the best way to start out a mutually beneficial and respectful partnership. It's not about time. It's about solving your problem.

Our model is simple.

You need a win, or a problem solved, or both. We aim to charge you less than it’s worth and more than it costs us to deliver the solution.

Straightforward pricing, no surprises.

We’ll work relentlessly until project completion to deliver more value than you're paying for.

You leave satisfied which means we’ll likely work together again and you might even tell a friend you think we’re good for business.

Win and proverbial win.

People matter

Nerdy in all the best ways.

Our team specializes in cultivating compelling strategies and then connecting them, in the most relevant and cost-effective way, to desired audiences who can take specific actions to build brands - share, engage, invest, purchase - based on the strategic goals of our client partners.

The dream team that makes this happen is a tight-knit squad of strategists, marketers, communicators, designers and developers.

And you’re our next passion project.

Our founders, Jeff and Lindsay, each have 20 years of experience in the marketing- communications industry. sagecomm team members have honed their talents in both the agency world and in a variety of sectors, including economic development, education, technology, nonprofit, and the arts.

Each of our projects is assigned its own special team, designed to match your specific strategic needs with the expertise, passion and drive of our talented crew.

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Still have questions? Let’s connect and get past the first date and so we can get to work solving your problem, together.

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