20,000 rea­sons to care about my birth­day
Jeff Sage / 25 October 2018

I didn’t grow up living in poverty.

But there were times we lingered close. With family, friends, community organizations and a mom so fierce and loving, growing up always felt like abundance, not scarcity. (The original Steel Magnolia, she was).

Today, (and for now) I live a life of privilege. 

That’s not the case for 21,650 kids 0-17 in our community. They’re all living in poverty. That's 1 in 4 kids in London. 

Not enough food.
Not enough shelter.
Not enough belonging.   

Not enough to live with dignity.

So, if we raise $5,000 through this awesome UW initiative, we'll match it with another $5,000. That’s $10,000 toward the success of children, youth and families in our community. 

There’s absolutely nothing I need today. But our community desperately requires your Justice and your Love. 

Please share and give if you’re able. 

Cause it’s my birthday. 

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