2016: Stuff We Know Now Because of You

New clients. 
New team members. 
New workspace. 
New North American adventures. 

A new normal.

We’ve got a ton to be grateful for this year. 

We learned a lot along the way and it’s mostly because of you. 

Facts, figures, strong opinions, informed assumptions, passionate rants. A firehose of insight, and we got it all from our friends, clients, partners, and the communities you serve.

So in the spirit of this fascinating and humbling learning, we’re sharing a few of the many things you taught us - directly and indirectly - this year:

  1. That Canadian country music stars are just about the nicest people on the planet.
  2. That positive intentional relationships, one human to another, have more transformative power than all the tech and tools in the world.
  3. That our profession isn’t always well understood and that the US Department of Homeland Security is doing an excellent job protecting the homeland from consultants. #dontsaystrategicmarketingagain
  4. That if you’re not putting elderflower liqueur in your bubbly, you’re doing it wrong (seriously, try it, it’s the bomb).
  5. That even in an age of divisive politics and toxic digital rhetoric, the builders are still doin’ their thing, even in spite of those who relentlessly try to tear things down. Maybe in 2017, our collective positive voices can get a little louder, a little more engaged and a lot more coordinated. ;)

We’ve been especially proud this year to support a community-wide movement to help end poverty in our home town of London, Ontario. 

And so, in lieu of holiday gifts, we were grateful (on our  behalf and yours) to sponsor the holiday meal for the Bridges Out of Poverty | Circles program. A partnership of City of London and Goodwill Ontario Great Lakes, this program links people experiencing poverty with middle class allies who can help them remove barriers and lift themselves out of poverty. This past Monday night, 140 Circles Leaders, Allies and community friends come together to share a traditional experience that many of us take for granted -- laughter, love, friendship communed around festive food.

We’re able to carve out time, talent and resources for our community thanks to all of you

Please know your continued trust and confidence in our team is something we all cherish.

Happy holidays from the sagecomm crew.