2019 In­tern­ship
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 30 October 2018

Welcome to sagecomm!

We're thrilled you're considering an internship with us. You'll be joining a friendly, fun, fast-paced, innovative and inspiring group of proper villains. 

People come to sagecomm from very diverse paths. Nutritionists, semi-pro athletes, developers, artists, writers and politicos just to name a few. 

What unites us is a shared passion for understanding, excellence and influence.

The rookie we're looking for:

You're a student in your senior year of an advanced diploma, graduate certificate or bachelor’s program in marketing, communications or public relations. 

You have a passion for marketing. You love trends, and what they mean and brand management excites you. The way you see it, analysis and market research are the fun parts. 

You crave responsibility and autonomy out of the gate, and will soak up the support you need to learn - every day. 

It’s our goal for you to gain a broad understanding of marketing and communications, and how it fits in with various projects, large and small. We will give you every opportunity for hands-on client and project experience.

Interns often move on to full-time positions when a solid fit occurs. (Sup Em, Kim-Bot!)

It’s our expectation that you come to sagecomm prepared to work and to be fully engaged in what’s happening. You're not afraid to ask questions, and to tell us what you need, in order to make the most of your experience. The most valuable lesson any marketer can learn is how to understand and influence people. 

Attitude matters

We’re looking for someone with a positive, proactive approach to work (and life!) who’s willing to learn from (and teach) our team. 

You produce quality work, and you appreciate honest feedback. You’re looking to work on various projects, including strategic plans, research / discovery projects, media relations, and event / project management. You have strong written and verbal skills. 

Additional info

We would love to see your smiling face, as it makes sense for your program, from 9AM – 4:30PM Monday to Friday. The nature of our work means we are often at community events, and flex to large projects when needed (evenings and/or weekends), though this is not expected of you.

We're accessible by public transportation

Our downtown London location is close to many bus routes. (And hopefully rapid transit soon, too!)


At the end of the internship, we’ll provide a stipend as an appreciation for the awesome work you do with us.

How to apply

Connect by email here about why you’re interested in working with us, and a bit about yourself. Point us in the direction of some of the things you’ve done and more importantly, how you think. Please include “sagecomm internship (Marketing)" in the subject line.

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