A super sales lesson from a vir­tu­oso
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 20 February 2020

Our kids take guitar lessons.

We rented a guitar for the first few months in case they weren’t feeling it. With practice complaints on the decline, we decided to take the plunge and buy one.

The sales rep masterfully unpacked the technical specs around quality strings, curated woods, optimal fret spacing and other incomprehensible factoids for beginners and bewildered parents. 

But he didn’t fall flat on closing the sale because he was a lackluster salesperson. He was actually quite friendly and knowledgeable.

He dragged because he failed to communicate the true value of the product. 

There's a very real and powerful reason that legions of parents patiently wait each week for their mini maestro’s to finish their lessons - and it isn't the hardware. 

If you can’t speak to your customers about why they care, you’re not likely to convince them to buy.

Capable closers don’t just focus on selling more stuff. A smarter approach is to understand what your customers really want and then give it back to them. 

Stop selling the guitar.
Start selling the music. 

So, what are you selling today?    


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