All these signs are vital
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 11 October 2018

What would happen if we gave the same time, attention and budget we devote to big brands, personalities and trends to social causes and issues? If we devoted time and attention to their positioning and narrative. And investment in bold creative and custom photography.

And not just for the straightforward, obvious, heartstrings causes. But for the complex ones. The ones that make us uncomfortable to acknowledge, let alone talk to our neighbours about. The issues and facts that show us that people are being left out and left behind. 

  • That local kids are going to bed with hungry bellies;
  • That unequal treatment and worse, based on gender or ethnic background is around the corner. 
  • And that perpetual homelessness and crippling addiction are affecting people in our neighbourhoods. 

What if we gave those issues a face and a voice and place and invested in awareness to bring them a little closer to our collective view? 

And as a result, a little closer to collective action.

That’s the London Community Foundation’s London Vital Signs Report and this year, for the first time, sagecomm was proud to co-produce this important collection of facts and stats, intel and insights on our community’s overall health and prosperity, its connection to global goals around health and wellbeing and to help wrap it all in a powerful narrative and visual story that invites action.

Too often, brand positioning and marketing campaigns are asking us to attend, purchase, invest. 

What if they simply asked us to learn, and made it easy?

That’s what London Community Foundation and its partners are asking.

All you have to do now, is say yes.
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