Because of you...

To those who gave, posted and shared,

We cannot thank you enough for your incredible generosity.

Together, we reached our goal.

With your help, $10,000 was raised in our community for the Teach and Play program and with an additional $10,000 matched by sagecomm, $20,000 is now helping change the lives of local children and their families, forever.

This means that because of you, countless kids in our community will now get access to the specialized learning aids they need to help them achieve the basic skills many of us take for granted.

Walking. Talking. Playing.

  • Because of you, more kids will develop the physical and intellectual skills they need to be happy;
  • Because of you, more kids will be engaged members of their own families and our community;
  • Because of you more kids will know what it’s like to experience joy through active play.

And because of you, a child and their entire family, will be changed forever.

Thank you dearly, for your generosity and your love.

Warmest regards,
the sagecomm team.

*Special thanks to the United Way of London Middlesex staff and volunteers, for all the amazing work you do in the community.