Be­lieved vs. No­ticed
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 11 March 2020

We spend a lot of time trying to get noticed.

Getting noticed feels good. But it’s shallow and fleeting. It doesn’t last, set in, or translate.

And there are a lot of ways to get noticed.

You can sound the alarm.
Raise your voice.
Pay to interrupt. Up the flamboyance.
Become Insta famous?😂
Butt in.  

You can hold a news conference and tell everyone the coronavirus is under control and there’s nothing to worry about. Everyone will notice. But if they don’t believe you, the unrest will continue and markets will fall.

Because trust is an essential ingredient of belief.

Michael Bloomberg spent $500 million in 16 weeks vying for the presidency. That's more than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spent throughout the entirety of 2016. Mike bought a billionaire’s worth of attention. And then he dropped out of the race less than 12 hours after polls closed on the first day he was on the ballot.

The product didn’t stand up to the promotion.

Getting noticed can feel like a proxy for how to matter.
It isn't.

If you’re interested in earning a vote, selling more stuff, driving social change or having the story of your art spread, ask yourself the one question every brand should ask:

What have you done lately that's worth believing in?

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