How far is too far?

How do you know when you've crossed the line?

In our hyper-connected world, barriers to the mass broadcast of personal information are fading by the second. People are sharing intimate real-time information, constantly.  So how do you know what to share and how far is too far? Is there even a line anymore?

Penelope Trunk is a syndicated writer and founder of Brazen Careerist, a career management tool for next generation professionals. Recently, she tweeted about having a miscarriage in a board meeting. You can see her interviewed about her tweet here.

Is this:

A - Too much information?
B - A candid and necessary look into women's workplace issues?

Regardless of your perspective on the particular subject matter, we think the communications aspect is worth talking about. So tell us what you think. Did Trunk go too far, or did she help to destigmatize an event that affects the majority of females, some of whom are professionals dealing with these very personal issues in the midst of their careers?