The Remarkable Digest -- Part Deux

In our ongoing quest to find and share the remarkable, here's a new list for this month:

The Fun Theory -- Volkswagen's new initiative to support social and environmental change through various social experiments.  Would you climb the stairs if they looked (and sounded) like a piano?  Yup.  And you'd tweet it and twitpic it and facebook it and...  Worth talking about?  CHECK. (via Dan Pink.)

Mum2.0 Digital Makeover by Telstra -- Telestra is Australian telcomm that the marketing departments of certain Canadian telecomm giants (read: red and blue) might take a page from. Mum2.0 is part of Telstra's Call Mum campaign, complete with a string of cheeky but warm and fuzzy ads ("Time to Call Your Mum"), some amazing "tutorials" to help Mum get up to speed in the digital world and some pretty fun apps, including a direct mail program to guilt your lazy bro or sis into calling Mum.  Spreading an idea that will win, for Telstra?  CHECK. (via David Billson @ rTraction)

KWartzlab -- Kitchener-Waterloo's latest and greatest hackerspace, a social collective dedicated to building everything from hardware to art, using donated materials, tools, technology etc.  See the list of stuff they need on their wiki.  They are calling it the "social fusion of technology and art".  Um, brilliant.  Yet again, kudos to K-W for pushing Canadian innovation (and our general cool factor) to the next level. Using the web as a platform to organize tribes? CHECK. (via Jodi Simpson @ TechAlliance.) 

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