Get more second dates. Blog.

Today, Technorati begins releasing (5 segments over 5 days) their 2009 State of the Blogosphere report. If you've been considering the value of a blog, this would be a great first read.  

Blogs have been relevant for a while.  If your business waits much longer to jump in, you'll be catching up instead of capitalizing.

Some things to consider when adding a blog to your mix:

  1. Blogs are news (quite literally.) They aren't just pervasive in techno culture, they themselves have evolved into media.  You can try reading daily print news for new media cues OR you can stop resisting.
  2. Think of your blog as home base -- your sphere of influence.  Use it to connect with customers, influencers and important community members.  Post relevant, timely, authentic content that adds value for your readers.  That's why they'll come back.  That's why they'll spread the idea of you and your business.  And that's how you'll earn the right to sell them something over time.
  3. Marketing is now about customer listening.  If your marketing maven isn't driving you crazy about all the low cost customer listening objectives he's peppered into your 2010-11 marketing plan, feel nervous.  Your blog isn't all about you, in fact, it's mostly about them.
  4. Advertising is now about customer participation and conversations.  Blogging is an excellent way to get your team thinking about this new cost effective way to allow your customers to talk to you AND about you.
  5. If you're still not convinced, think of blogging as a way to get more second dates.


Consider this:  The nebulous "first date".  Imagine if, after the date, you could get the inside scoop, like why the person went out with you in the first place; how he/she felt the date went (i.e. what she told her friends); the best way for you to contact him again; how you could make the second date way better ...

You'd take the information right?  So why wouldn't you do the same for your business? 

Stop being a new-media wallflower.

Start today.