How not to sound like a jackass to your customers

Today, we received a text from our wireless provider about our iPhone plan, which read:

Reminder!  Ur data usage period with no overage charges ends within 3 days.  Make sure ur on the right plan ...

We won't talk here about the slow and painful death of customer service via the dull blade of monopoly (though we could...) 

Instead, grammar. 

We've talked before about mobile marketing and how it's the next big marketing frontier.  We also recognize the importance of respecting and of participating authentically within the culture of a given new media space. (Which is not so different from so-called real life it would seem.)  So why does the "Ur" bug us?  And should it? Is it the incongruity of a corporate message with popular slang?  Is it that the corporation is striking an unauthentic tone? Or, is it the ongoing wise counsel of our grammar mentor (thanks Otte), who would reply that this blog is routinely ungrammatical, so we are in a fragile glass house, indeed?

Survey says -- #2!  We know as well as anyone (even the English-grad half of the partnership admits) that blogging, social media, mobile marketing  and a whole generation of Y-ers are going to blow away grammar rules. 

So the issue is not in the structure of the words, it's more in the authenticity of the voice and the permission (or lackthereof) to communicate.