Lessons from Jay-Z and N*E*R*D


(WARNING: This post may be an order of magnitude less conventional than usual, but we're just back from the concert and so ambitious).

There was a whole lotta marketing genius at the Jay-Z concert.  Best marketer alive?  Maybe not.  

But pretty damn good.

Here's why:

  • Calling 25 people up on stage to dance and pointing the camera at them = creating brand ambassadors to spread the idea of you for life;
  • Every second song having a directed and inclusive role for ticket holders = knowing advertising is now about customer participation;
  • Playing Nirvana songs at a hip hop concert = knowing your audience;
  • Telling the crowd you're bigger and better than Elvis (well, nobody's perfect);
  • Letting everyone know that you almost didn't make the show = creating product scarcity;
  • Taking 14 minutes to thank customers individually (in this case, pointing out and speaking directly to crowd members, even though your private jet is waiting) = amazing client recognition and a decent stab at authenticity.

If you think your partners, staff, investors and most importantly your existing and potential customers, don't expect to be entertained, think again.

One of the largest brands in music entertainment took the time to cover some new marketing basics.  Why wouldn't you? He's got 99 problems and his brand ain't one.

Follow the new rules of this new media age and one day we'll all be tuned in to the MF* greatest - and it could be you.