To hire or not to hire? That is the question.

Ever been in a situation where every choice seems really good and scary as hell all at the same time? If you're an entrepreneur you have.

Since we started consulting full-time, we've had the great benefit of phenomenal advice from people we respect and trust, including our mentors and a number of successful entrepreneurs.  A big point of discussion?  The HR condundrum.  That is....

Precisely when is the right time to hire staff, if at all?  If that wasn't tough enough, today it's even more complicated. Why? There are a lot more options than there used to be.

With the economic meltdown and massive generational shifting, the virtual freelance team is a more viable (and we think, attractive) option than ever before. But then again....

On one hand, having in house staff is great:

  • One-on-one collaboration and anytime facetime;
  • A chance to build a tangible investment in your organization;
  • They're yours, all yours, during the work day (theoretically);
  • PODAR (Someone else to do the "plus other duties as required" stuff);
  • (The list may be endless.)

On the other, the virtual team looks sexy too:

  • Much lower overhead;
  • Niche talent deployed to suit the needs of your contracts (aka guerilla teams);
  • No sleepless nights worrying about the dreaded payroll;
  • (Yup, potentially endless upside here too.)

The answer to this HR Rubix Cube? We really don't know, yet. But our readers do. So fill us in. Giant dowtown space with lion head water-spewing statues and an army of full time staff, or the nimble virtual network Neo would envy.

What do you think?