The underrated revolution

It sounds ridiculous to say the Web is underrated, but it is.

It's only been around for about 14 years. Yet, the cumulative disruption and opportunity spawned by it far outweigh any media before it. (Due respect, of course, to the man.)  Its social media offspring, which is now a completely ubiquitous part of our lives, didn't even exist just 5 years ago.  

There isn't a day that goes by that we don't read, post on and discuss it.  In fact, to a large extent, it powers our culture and our lives.  Still, we take it for granted.  (In in our defence, it's most difficult to recognize a revolution when you're broadcasting in the middle of it.)

So don't.

Don't take it for granted.  Instead:

  • Try to recognize it's the ideal time to leverage this platform to make a living around your passion;
  • Try to recognize that spreading goodwill online is now the most powerful business development strategy at your disposal;
  • Try to recognize that drawing lines in the sand about what your company will and won't do as the revolution evolves is a crippling attitude (see: "I'll never get a corporate Facebook account").

Instead, be thankful that our generation is lucky enough to be a part of the largest increase in expressive capability in human history.

And we refuse to be underrated.