Remember...and share

A Canadian soldier in Afghanistan marks Remembrance DayToday is Rembrance Day.  What specifically are you remembering ... or not remembering?

A recent Dominion Institute survey tells us that only four-in-ten Canadians (41%) plan to attend a formal Remembrance Day service, that just 36% remember Vimy Ridge and less than half are familiar with John McCrae’s iconic World War One Poem, In Flanders Fields.

Surprising?  Not really when you think that very few of us even have grandparents left that lived through or remember either World War.  At the same time, the younger amongst us now have friends who are vets of Iraq and Afganistan.  What does this mean for the lens through which we see -- or fail to see -- Remembrance Day?

In the spirit of sharing experiences and collective history, today we share a few remarkable stories, resources and reality checks brought to us by both the world wide web and conventional media.  This is not a soapbox opportunity, but a reminder of the importance of collective understanding, remembrance and SHARING. Lest we forget ...or worse, repeat, we give you the following:

  • From prolific Canadian storyteller, Stuart McLean, the story of George Lawrence Price, the last soldier killed in WW1, just two minutes before the armistice took effect.
  • From our friend Dave Howlett, inspirational speaker and real human being, this perspective on labels, walls and war.
  • From yesterday's Globe and Mail, a sub prime Canadian patriot report card we all need to heed.

Today, spend the two minutes, reflect in your own way and help spread remembrance.