Behold: the new advertising

Some say advertising is failing on the Internet.  Some say it's alive and growing.  Really, it's more about how the Internet has changed advertising than how traditional advertising is doing on this new medium.  

Our position: World class advertising is now about fusing good ideas with customer participation.

Recently, Google announced it would provide free Wi-Fi to 47 airports in the United States over the holiday season.  What looks like festive good will is actually a killer new-age advertising campaign.  

Let's forget for a minute that this campaign will garner 100 million impressions.  Let's forget that the cost of that many impressions using traditional media buys would be cost prohibitive, even for Google.  (Well, they actually might be able to afford it but it's still a dumb idea at that price.)

Here's why this kind of advertising will rule:

  1. Giving customers something in return for their attention will become the new normal;
  2. Free Wi-Fi is not a new idea but it's still a good one. And one with an emerging twist. Wi-Fi usage is on the rise, in particular via mobile devices; 
  3. Advertising that makes any kind of impact involves participation and interaction; 
  4. People will talk about it (in this case, how they no longer have to pay the aggravating $9 airport wi-fi fee -- and that's remarkable); and,
  5. Let's face it -- we all love free.

You don't have to have the deep Google pockets to advertise at their calibre.  You just need to embrace the shift.