All in, all the time

Going deep matters. 

If you want to be the best in your niche there's one way to get there fastest: live it.

The people you look up to in your field are there for a reason.  They're the best.  You may not realize in now, but that gap between the guru and you isn't all that wide.  And the differences or shortfalls you perceive between you, may not be what you think they are...if they are truly there at all.

Some commonly perceived "shortfalls":

  • They're smarter than you;
  • They're faster than you;
  • They see trends earlier than you;
  • They're more dedicated than you;
  • They sell more effectively than you;
  • They're better with people than you.

Truth is, the only difference between them and you is:  They live in their niche more than you.

They're so deep into their area of expertise nothing phases them.  No question from the audience stumps them. No industry-evolving game changer sneaks up on them.  No one questions their expertise in any meaningful way.

With the world's information at your fingertips, with social media pushing you industry specific content as much as you'll let it, and with the barrier to professional entry at an all time low...

...the only one separating you from the guru, is you.