Is @ where it's at?

Who's using Twitter right and who's committing marketing suicide one tweet at a time?

Robert Scoble thinks Chris Brogan uses Twitter wrong.  Scoble argues Brogan has too many @replies (conversations) making it difficult for followers to source his blog posts, videos and insightful content.

Brogan counters arguing that 80% of his tweets are @otherpeople because the more you talk about other people the more they "feel seen" and the more you build respect, reputation and trust. He goes on to conclude that the more he finds and spreads the good work of other people and the more he delivers that value back into his stream, the more people follow him, and subsequently, spend time talking about him and his ideas.

Our take: 

  1. There is no absolute right or wrong way to use social applications.  (Less the yelling. Don't do that.) It's about your audience, not the channel.  Understand what your goals are first, then adjust your strategy.
  2. Even the most killer app will evolve over time. Guaranteed.  The smart users will experiment and adjust their behaviour incrementally and accordingly.

More usefully, we're interested in your opinion.  What do you think?  Is @ where it's at?