You're doing it already

Question:  How can you possibly find time to do ANOTHER thing (read:  I'm just too busy to get involved in social media.)

This is the most common Q&A duo we get from clients.  Another iteration:  "It sounds like it's a another full time position!" Many organizations have not experimented with social media because they're scared of the resource drain it may cause, especially among small businesses and non-profits.  Fair enough. You can't all have a social media master on staff...or can you?

Consider the barrier to entry = low.
Consider the climate for experimentation = friendly.

Most important, consider the fact that every day, you interact with clients and customers, enhance their lives or their businesses, help them achieve goals, face challenges, solve problems = HUGE VALUE.

Here are some everyday scenarios that lend themselves brilliantly to sharing via blogs and SM:

  • Your tech guru just spent 30 mins on the phone helping a client untangle an IT nightmare...there's "5 tips to solving your pending IT crisis";
  • Your nonprofit specializes in innovative models in childhood education.  Think: "Top toys to further cognitive development";
  • Consumers are increasingly exasperated with holiday buying. Your retail destination is full of phenomenal and reasonably-priced holiday gifts...with free wrapping!  How about a "12 days of xmas shopping" through Twitpic?

The point?

You spend your days (and if a small biz or non profit leader, likely your nights too), improving people's lives. Adding value.  You have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share and you're already doing it.  We just want you to move that value to another platform, one where you can share with hundreds in one click (and they can share the idea of you with thousands in seconds....)

And if there's still no time, there's always the ghost tweeter...