2010: The Bridge to Everywhere

We're taking a break for the balance of 2009 and looking forward to the '10.

With this mind, we give you our advanced wishes for the new year ... and bit of unsolicited advice:

  • May you find your niche and dive in head first.  May you live it, dream it and own it.
  • May an impactful ad budget actually become an option.
  • May your competition come knocking to partner.
  • May you cease the beheading and quartering of organizational disrupters.
  • May your customers spread the notion of you more than any tactic.
  • May you recognize traditional marketing myopia and burn this bridge to nowhere.
  • And, may you realize that mediocrity kills (if you enter 2010 feeling 100% confident during what will be chronicled as one of the most disruptive technological times of our generation, duck.)

Finally, in the spirit of the season, we leave you with a little sageComm riff (with apologies for the ethnocentric references and best wishes for a kick @ss, super joyous and relaxing holiday):

I'm dreaming of a bright christmas,
Unlike the ones I used to know.
Where  Ustream's glistened,
And CEO's listened,
To hear what the bloggers know.

I'm dreaming of a bright christmas,
With every post and tweet I write.
May your 2010 social media efforts be progressive and bright...
May your inappropriate Facebook photos be out of sight...
May your decision makers stop putting up a fight...
And may all your @'s and hashtags be right.

happy holidays @sagecommfriendsandclients