Ready - Set - Jump (off a cliff!)

Many of us dream of one day working for ourselves.  Of choosing great partners and those projects we are most passionate about.  Of having the flexibility to strike a new balance between work and real life. (Or to making those elusive millions, if that's your thing...)

Striking out on your own is exhilarating, terrifying, and freeing in some cases, but it's a risk, no doubt.  Then again, perhaps playing it safe is riskier these days.  The economy, the working world, and the social undercurrents that propel it all are, undoubtedly, changing.  So, now is as good a time as any, the best time ever perhaps...

Effective immediately, sageComm will be committed, full-time, to growing businesses through smart marketing and communications, and to sharing your phenomenal new idea(s) with the planet. 

Why now?  Or at all?  Here are some compelling motivations:

  • It truly is about working to live, and not the other way around.  Giving up some indulgences is a small price to pay for flexibility, true professional passion, and a family life that occurs outside of 7pm-9pm weeknights.  (And if you're already accomplishing all of this in a more traditional work role, BRAVO, and you should sell that knowledge for millions!  Or even better, comment below.)
  • The reset button on the global economy has been pushed.  The rules have changed.  Now, the things you used to need to start a business (bricks and mortar), you just don't need anymore.  The stuff you do need is readily available (cloud computing, for example) or entirely free (so free that free has it's own economy now...the explanation of which you can also get for free.)  The democratization of IT is just the beginning.  And so, exit large start-up expense, enter re-deployed resources to give the business a prolonged shot.
  • And, like never before, technology, social media and global culture, offer an unprecendented opportunity to reach out, to create tribes, to build communities and social enterprises; to work with the girl next door and her friend across the planet.  (And possibly make a profit, too.)  Now is the time to take a risk and jump in, if ever.

Yes, we do know how lucky we are.  To have jobs when so many are unemployed. To have the option to take a risk.  To have the luxury to make the decision to strike a better balance.  We truly are the lucky ones.

So let's see how far we can push that luck.  Got an interesting project? Let's chat.

Ready. Set. Jump...