Talent matters

 We've had the privilege of working with some very gifted people.

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with a marketing veteran.  Or, more accurately, a subtle heavyweight whose success (and lots of it) is rooted in experience and reams of entrepreneurial trial and error.  The kind of guy who, after two hours, leaves you with two months of insight to reflect upon.  (Thx R.T.)  It also left us thinking about the importance of talent.

We're talking real talent here.  You know the type (or wish you did):

  • They're hard to find;
  • Harder to keep;
  • Far from obvious to manage;
  • They eat status quo for breakfast;
  • They hire teams that are just as good or better than they are;
  • They react to bureaucracy like it's green and from Krypton; and,
  • You need them more than they need you.

Today, the ability for any organization to effectively acquire, develop and retain high performing individuals is more critical than ever.

Look around.  If you see cubicle farms and email as your primary internal communication tool you may want to re-think your human capital strategy.

So, who have you hired lately?