The truly discontinuous idea


Photo by Felipe T. Marques

Today, there's a common thread swirling around, pervading our RSS feeds and percolating in the global connected consciousness. It's change...and you knew that. Recessions, technology hacks, demographic shifts, the rise of the prosumer, mass markets crumbling and re-emerging as niche markets -- all conditions that demand (of you, your staff and your customers) significant change.  So where's the change going to come from? 

Governments are no good at dealing with change.  We designed them that way.  Now we expect them to lead the charge?  Not going to happen.  Real change, the next industrial revolution-type change, must be driven by the private sector.

Before the internet, disruptive entrepreneurialism was much more difficult.  Displacing an established, well-branded incumbent with a truly discontinuous idea was tough. 

Then why was Google so successful?  A lot of reasons.  At the core -- because of the openness of the Internet. (Ask them they'll tell you.) Now more than ever, barriers to entry are virtually non-existent. Information is ubiquitous...and it's the ultimate equalizer.

So, what's your disruptive idea?