Tweet this.

We were fortunate to be able to attend a live webcast of the TEDxTO event, courtesy of some our community's big thinkers.

A colleague who couldn't get there because of a previous engagement told us it was okay because she "would read the tweets later."  A similar community event on the same day, held for just a few hours with only a handful of tweeters, generated retweet after retweet designed to share important information from an invitation-only session with thousands of interested citizens.

The tweet, and more importantly, the re-tweet, are quickly becoming one the most powerful tools out there -- for marketing, for communications, for community building.  

Consider the fact that 78% of consumers trust peer advice re purchasing (vs 14% for advertising), and add that to a 1500% increase in Twitter usage over the past year alone (compared with 200% for Facebook). Whaddya got?  Consumer generated content transforming the market.  Are we seeing the next generation of the ol'4Ps marketing mix -- product, placement, price...and PEER? That will be up to you and your virtual community to decide.

Tweet that.