If you can't beat 'em...Cry

Old media is having trouble competing.  Radio, TV, and newspaper are all struggling to meet ad revenue targets.  Interactive digital and social media is killing them. (If this is a surprise to you, duck.)  If you're still bent on interrupting your customers in an effort to get your message out, you'd better bring the special remarkable sauce...like a vat of it.

The agency responsible for the creative below nailed it.  This billboard is worth talking about.  Why?

  • You've never seen one like this before;
  • They weren't afraid to fail;
  • They weren't afraid to be controversial;
  • They nailed the emotional impact;
  • They took a risk.

Bottom line:  If you're going to advertise traditionally, you'll need to be more creative than ever.  'Cause spilled milk just ain't worth cryin' over anymore.

(@danpink, with thanks, for always giving your readers something remarkable to talk about.)