Just another tactic?

A recent discussion among a group of marketing and communications professionals asked a fundamental question about selling in this new global information age -- namely, is social media just another tactic to be measured, like billboards, print ads and earned media?

Some say yes, we say no.


Simply, you can't interact with a billboard.  You can't review it, dispute it, tweet it (well you can with an iPhone and Tweet Deck, but you know what we mean.)  You can't easily share it or invite others to discuss it.  And even the best traditional media ad doesn't have the potential to be seen and shared by thousands in minutes...unless via a social network.  (Right.)

Better still?  With social media, you don't have to "sell" in the traditional sense.  Get the right tone, the right place, the right community, and they'll do the talking for you...and bring along the friends, the credibility and the authenticity, all for the price of a few minutes of your time each day dedicated to meaningful interaction.

Oh right, we know, Twitter is dead (and so is her great uncle, Blog.) 

Long live the retweet.