Quit and prosper

Whether you're an entrepreneur, 9-5'er or the proud owner of a lemonade stand, sometimes you feel like giving up. Don't worry, we have those moments too.  Everyone does. We're all used to running into barriers. When we do, it's easy to get discouraged.  

We're taught from a young age that quitting is a bad thing.  Business icon Ted Turner liked to repeat the famous Lombardi quote: "Winners never quit, and quitters never win."

Today, that's just bad advice.

Because today:

  • Winners quit all the time;
  • They quit the right stuff at the right time;
  • They know quitting is good for you;
  • They have the guts to choose one niche over another;
  • Winners get really good, at quitting. (and quitters have cool playlists)

We're not saying perserverence isn't a good thing. Rather, too much of it can be costly. The trick, we think, is to find the tipping point.

Sometimes, you have to quit, to win.