Microsoft and the unlucky lager

Trying desperately to be something you're not doesn't yield much of a dividend.  Microsoft's latest marketing tactic to sponsor an "approved" Windows 7 Kegger is a stellar example.

Now we have to admit, we held our share of OS formatting parties back in the day, but a kegger approved by the company that's notorious for struggling to be cool is just...well...not cool.  

Some things they should consider about the new normal in marketing and customer engagement:

  1. Be honest.  Your previous product was awful - everyone knows it.  Your existing clients don't want to party, they want you to admit that you screwed up, say you're sorry and explain how your new product will solve their problems and not create new ones.
  2. Be yourself. If you're not the coolest kid on the block, trying to be won't win you customers or friends. Do what you do best.  In case you haven't noticed, being the alpha popular kid has kind of fallen out of fashion.
  3. Be real.  Powerful customer relationships are built on trust, value, and the "me factor" ... that's them, not you by the way.  Who is this party really for?  You're giving customers permission to party (thanks Mom), rather than earning permission to engage, start conversations, and spread your story.

Party on Bill.  Party on Steve.