Since we're always harping on the absolute need to be remarkable in this new global information age, we've decided to put together a regular digest of just that -- the best of the best in remarkable, innovative, creative, delightfully shocking, or incredibly useful, tools, news, blogs, websites, videos etc, of the past month or so.

And we want you to contribute.  Send your remarkable/useful/shocking entries to, and we'll share them (with credit to you and your remarkable org/biz), or you can post them right here.

Here goes - our first ever top 5 (in no particular order):

1. Social Media Revolution by Socialnomics -- This video's been floating around Twitter for a while, but the statistics alone are worth noting.  Our faves: "80% of people use Twitter on mobile devices....Imagine what that means for bad customer experiences?" AND "People care more about how their social graph ranks products and services than how Google ranks them....78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisements."  If you haven't already, spend some time thinking about what this video content means for your business.

2. The Zen Habits blog -- Simple, remarkable ways to be more Zen, from How to Live a Better Life with Less to 3 Jedi Mind Tricks to Feel Better in a Nanosecond.  Add it to your aggregator.  You'll love it.  We promise.

3. All Hail the Creative City Airport -- Heathrow hires Writer in Residence. Said chosen writer, Alain de Botten, to the Guardian: "If you wanted to take a Martian to a single place that best captures everything that is distinctive and particular to modern civilization, in its highs and lows, you would undoubtedly take them to the airport."   The results of the experiment will be published in September, and in the spirit of Free, the airport authority will be distributing 10,000 complimentary copies to passengers.

4., powered by Social Vibe -- Building on the popularity of celeb-endorsed fundraisers like, MenforWomenNow invites men to "Save some boobs" by adding the Social Vibe app on Facebook.  If you haven't heard of SV, here's how it works in the words of their Editorial Director:  "On your application dashboard, you'll see a list of brand activities (rating videos, downloading songs, etc.) that can be completed for points. Each time you complete one of those activities, a micro-donation is made to your chosen charity. Your actions feed through to your Facebook profile, so your friends can see the difference you're making and join in and help you earn more points for your cause."  Why do we love this?  The concept and messaging are bang-on for the SN audience and the SV app represents the future of fundraising online.

5. H1N1 Rap by Dr. John Clark -- If you haven't seen this remarkable piece of communication by the Medical Director of the Long Island Rail Road, check it out now.  Clark is participating in a contest by the US Government's Health and Human Services Dept. to find a new PSA for flu prevention.  Kudos to the USGOVHHS and Dr. Clark for trying to find new ways to communicate an important message.

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