Grow no grow

Stop right there.  Put your strategic plan where we can see it and slowly put your goals and objectives on the floor.  Now kick them over to us.  Slowly! 

Generally, people don’t want to stop growing. Leaders, even less so.

They want to be relevant, influential, followed, re-tweeted, consulted...right?  If that’s the case then why do some leaders plateau?

We re-read a piece from leadership guru John Maxwell we think nails it:

About five years ago I facilitated an all-day roundtable with 15 leaders. During Q&A, a very successful leader, a man who had done wonders with his organization, spoke up to voice a concern. "John," he said, "the last two years I've hit a plateau. For the first time in many years, I've stopped growing as a leader. Could you help me?"

After prodding him with a few questions, I diagnosed his problem. As a leader, he had accomplished all of his goals! His company was bigger than he had ever anticipated it to be, it was reaching more customers than he had ever hoped to reach, and revenue was coming in higher than he could ever have imagined. Instead of concentrating on continual growth, he had stagnated after hitting all of his goals.

We’re not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with goals.  You should absolutely have a map on your journey.  But, achieving your goals, your objectives, your performance measures, isn't the time to stop growing.  It's a prime time for evolution.  Let your curiosity, vision, instinct and passion help you continue your path as an effective leader.

Time for a stretch.