Know thyself

A stained glass window with the contracted Greek version γνῶθι σαυτόν (know thyself).Happy '10 and welcome back.

On this first business day of the new year, we're not going to offer platitudes or resolutions (because frankly we can't come up with any better for you than you will for yourself).  

Instead, we're offering an honest commentary on our directions for the new year.

Over the break, we took some time to examine our brand, our business and our future directions.  We actually participated in the exercises we routinely facilitate clients through and made an interesting discovery.  Though we are referred to and known as a "marketing" and "communications" service, marketing and communications is not the "business" we are in if viewed from the customer perspective.


That's right.  We're NOT in the business of marketing and communications.  We are in the business of making CONNECTIONS.  Clients come to us to make authentic (see human) connections and to develop relationships with relevant communities and customer groups in order to:

  • converge and clarify goals and objectives;
  • build and grow new business lines;
  • invent and reinvent identity;
  • retain and renew bandwidth;
  • define and redefine direction and strategy;
  • shape and share remarkable stories;
  • touch hearts and minds in new ways;
  • wow and win.

Steve J reminded us in his '05 Stanford keynote how important it is to truly appreciate:

  • who you are; 
  • how others see you;
  • and what you're passionate about.

So go ahead and ask yourself, your teams, your partners, what we think is one of the most important questions for the next decade:

How well do you know yourself?

Now dig in.