Lessons from a funeral

Funerals suck.  But we need them.  

We need them to enable the grieving process. To bring us together in support.  For closure.  More often than not, there's real value in things we find distasteful or difficult.  The funeral we attended last week underscored a number of things worth reflecting on.  Here's four:

  1. You're probably having more of an impact on people than you realize.  You can't control the amount, only the type.  Make that count.
  2. The people in your life are almost always more talented and insightful than you ever realize. Sometimes, they just need the right opportunity to prove it. (Please don't wait until their eulogy to discover just how deep these incredible talents run.)
  3. Context is king.  So-and-so isn't just a father / son / husband / uncle / cousin, he's also a great orator, remarkable project manager, and compassionate leader of men.
  4. Winning isn't always about finding the shirt that fits.  Sometimes, it's about going shirtless.  

R.I.P. Dave.  We miss you.