Believe the Hype

Yesterday, Apple introduced their much anticipated iPad.

We're not going to offer an assessment of the product because, really, we can't come close to giving it the Mashable-type go-over it deserves.  This guy can.

Instead, we're going back to basics.  Back to the ol' be remarkable so others spread the notion of you, thing.

Apple products have a connection, a bandwidth, among users and non-users alike.  The market has been buzzing literally for months about the iPad, which until yesterday was a hypothetical product. Also until yesterday, the stories were based largely on rumour and conjecture ... but even that chatter was seen as interesting and valuable.

A Google News search for "apple tablet" brings up 37,582 results. Even the critics and naysayers are spreading the Apple brand.

Love him or hate him, Apple's leader (like no one in recent business history) has mastered the creation of brand and product ambassadors.  And he's got soldiers all over the planet.

How will you spread your story from whence it came?