Geek Chic

If you haven't noticed, geeks are taking over the world.

Without playing too far into the stereotype of old, geeks used to be a culture pretty much unto themselves (playing MMORPG's or arguing about UNIX vs. LINUX.)  The culture didn't spread very quickly and it had limited impact outside of the core community.  

Today, things couldn't be more different.

It's bloggers that are shaping our culture, setting agendas and influencing everything from business to politics. Today, this subculture can make or break your brand or products ... spread your ideas ... or out your shoddy customer service policy.

We recently attended a geek dinner.  It was a lot of fun, with a diverse lot indeed.  Musicians, students, journalists, designers, teachers, coders...   Everyone there was an innovator, an early adopter, extremely bright and passionate.  What's not to love?

The platform that hosts the blog you're reading now was built by geeks.  The search engine used to find the photo above was built by geeks.  The computer you're using to read these words was built by geeks.  The modem that's connecting you to the web was built by geeks.  The inspiration for this post ... you guessed it ...

Thanks @geeks.

(Did you happen to notice which direction that Zombie went?)