Screw the permit

You don't need a permit to make a difference.

You don't need permission to tell your story, engage your tribe, make an impact.

You don't need permission to:

  • Marry your talent and your passion...and create a killer online space that's going to elevate your community's standing in a key future demographic. (Thanks Mark)
  • Challenge social norms and educate for change...and make huge impact with decision makers and influencers. (Thanks Jeff)
  • Adore your day job and invite others to celebrate it with you...and to celebrate a community pillar that's literally made families.  (Thanks Andrew)
  • Bust through the bureaucracy...and help revolutionize the way communities share information with their citizens. (Thanks Elaine, Aaron & rTraction)

Do the people making a difference in your community ask for permission first?  Your talent and passion is the permission.

So, what are you not going to ask for today?