Consensus - the magic map and the island

We all get lost from time to time.

Despite all our best intentions (a la strategic planning, mission and vision statements, brand identities, professional development, overtime, meetings, meetings and meetings ... and meetings) we lose our way. (Maybe not as lost as that strange group from Oceanic Flight 815, but pretty lost).

It's okay. It happens.  The thing is, finding the path back may be easier than you think. 

The magic map?


We were recently reminded of the underrated art of facilitation and how beneficial it is for organizations and collectives of all kinds.  The sense of team work and the real results a good process yields can be astounding.  (Thanks Janet.)

A good facilitator serves as a catalyst.  She can harness group dynamics, shape the environment and enable censensus (all without interference or judgement.)  Done right, it's quite a powerful thing to experience.

A kick-ass facilitator will:

  • create an environment that is unique, creative and safe;
  • amplify the learning and experimentation culture of your group by introducing new ways of doing (and describing) things;
  • encourage consensus by enabling beneficial exchanges of ideas and authentic reactions.

Stuck on a team project?  Can't find consensus?  Having trouble getting a diversity of individuals or agendas to agree on what tomorrow should look like?  Give your friendly neighbourhood facilitator a call.

You might be surprised at how quickly you get off the island.