The democratization of influence

The new media landscape has forever changed the way businesses communicate to customers.

Your customers now have more influence over the decisions of their peers than you do.  Your brand (the one you sweated, scratched, clawed, begged, borowed and stole to build) will now be shaped more by others, than by you.

Yes, that is new.
Yes, that is different.
Yes, it means you have to change.
Yes, you can still kick some bottom line ass.

The new golden rule?

Customer engagement is now dependent on the interpretation of your intention. So...

  • Don't sell to customers.  Add value.
  • Don't push messaging.  Create, facilitate and participate in platforms where your customers can shape, interact with and spread your brand.
  • Don't expect to earn trust and loyalty overnight.  If you're lucky enough to earn them both, it will take time.

Out with the quick, the interruption, the half truths and the canned touch points.  In with listening, shaping, sharing and giving back to customers and community everything you can possibly muster...and then a litte more.

The democratization of influence means it's not about you.  It's about US.