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Image by Richard Berstein: September 1986 cover of Interview MagazineSometimes, it's hard to find your way toward respect...the kind of respect that leads to long term relationships and trust.  

Respecting your team and your colleagues is, of course, a good thing.  But it's expected.  It won't help you differientiate and get noticed. (Unless you're not doing it.)  Respecting your customers and their online community is the sweet spot. That's where you build meaningful connections.

This is a great example.  The partners that put it together (a lawyer and an IT firm) built respect right into their service delivery.

Here's how:

  • Design - a clear, intuitive interface saves the user time;
  • Price - they gave away one of their best ideas for free;
  • Approach - they both did what they do best and let their partner do the rest;
  • Process - it's fast, requires no commitment from the user and is easy to use;
  • Solution - they're providing a useful tool in an area most organizations are struggling to understand.

It's about the customer, the community, and the experience they need, expect and deserve.

That's courage.  That's discipline.  That's RESPECT.

So go ahead. Sock it to 'em.