What the (business) world needs now

Photo by Amarand Agasi.Continuing with what seems to be this week's theme of 60's pop divas, and with apologies to Jackie DeShannon:

What the business world needs now, is love, sweet love.

With ever-present transparency, collaborative opportunity,  unprecedented broadcast ability and the generally amazing positive energy of our new global culture, are we seriously still hating our competition?

You know what we mean. The passive aggressive slights, the 'you can't do that attitude', the lurking... 

Sure, we've all got to pay ourselves and some of us, employee salaries too, but could we not consider a new model?  One that doesn't involve the same old hater games:

  • Newspapers hating Kijiji.
  • Music labels hating the torrent movement.
  • Hating when someone thinks of a good idea before you.
  • And the status quo peeps, well, they hate everything.

It's time for a change.  Time to give back.  Time to invest in your people, your peers and your community.  The new media landscape doesn't care who you hate.  Neither do your customers.

To steal a line from our poetry slam friends, SHOW THE LOVE!