Puppy love and the art of differentiation

Photo by dpupOur toddler loves puppies.

He loves to say puppies, he loves to look for puppies and if he sees one across the street he stumble-dashes as fast as he can in the general direction repeating, you guessed it, "puppies!"  He's a big fan.

Yesterday, we were online watching a Learning Channel segment about dinosaurs.  A T-Rex crashed across the screen, ripped its 4-tonne prey in half and feasted on its remains.  Before we could hit pause for more PG-rated pastures, he exclaimed, "Puppy!"

It was an honest mistake for this stage in his cognitive development.

Unfortunately, your customers may share a similar perception of your brand in relation to the other dinos.

Some things to consider:

  1. Build trust first.  Consider spending less time on traditional -push- sales techniques.  In today's niched-out economy, people will do business with you more if they really trust you.  (It doesn't hurt if they like you too.)
  2. Referable = treating your customers the way you want to be treated. Period.
  3. Listen.  More.  You learn the most about what your client needs and wants are by listening to them, not by pitching at them.

It's not enough to say you're the T-Rex.  Completing the checklist isn't going to cut it anymore. But authenticity and respect will.

Hey look, a puppy.