Municipality man: A digital remix

Note to politicians: It's time to go off message.

If you haven't noticed, your personal brand matters.  Not your resume, the letters after your name or your title. You.  

Today, we're all marketers.  We have to be.  

If you're going to run for office consider this:

  • We expect you to broadcast your thoughts and positions often and spontaneously.  Speeches and canned sound bytes don't count;
  • We expect you to fight for transparency and open government;
  • We expect your communication tools to be web 2.0 friendly, not a legacy comedy sketch;
  • We expect you recognize the new economy when it's sitting next to you at the table - even though it's not wearing a suit or saying all the right politically correct things;
  • We expect you to market yourself, your ideas and your vision. 

We don't expect you to neglect the pursuit of actually improving our communities while you're doing it.

(Thx to the after hours crew for inspiring this post - you are our future.)