The Customer Manifesto

You are the people formerly known as the audience.  Jay Rosen said that.  He's right.  And you're more important than us too.

You're more important because:

  • You're smarter than us;
  • You collaborate more than us;
  • You add value more than us;
  • You share more than us;
  • You challenge the status quo more than us;
  • You're more efficient than us;
  • And you're going to add real value and change the world more than us.

A business' connections, customers, communities need to be its focal point.  Its raison d'être.  The customer and community engagement process is now more important than any product.

How do you make the shift?

  1. Displace your routines instead of resting on them.
  2. Re-imagine processes instead of being constricted by them. 
  3. Convene and support tribes at the beginning of your design journey instead of just asking them to agree with you and buy something at the end.

Believe that the true benefit of customers is in what they can teach you, so much more than what you can sell them.