There is no try

*WARNING - this post may be better than normal 'cause, well, Yoda's in it*

There are great things happening all around us.

Not great ideas.  Great things.  We all have great ideas, sometime.  But how many of these ideas actually turn into something great - or something at all?

Not as many as we'd like.  Why?  It takes a certain type of person to take a good idea and execute.  To make it worth talking about.  To make it add value.  So what makes some people so good at executing while others fall into the idea sarlacc where they're slowly digested over 1,000 entrepreneurial years?


  1. They don't peddle fear.  It's crippling.  Sure, there's a lot of buyers, but it's not sustainable.  Plus, you'll suck 'cause you're peddling fear.
  2. They're transparent to a fault.  To them, open data is the only data.
  3. They're not afraid to change the rules.  Displacement is a lot tougher when you follow the established prescriptions for change.

Don't wait around to get digested.