Mobile madness

We riff often about change

If we had to choose one thing that's going to be a catalyst for change worth preparing for over the next 24 months - it's mobile computing.

For the first time, we're writing a post from our new Apple iPad tablet computer.  No need to type on the screen, we've got a portable keyboard for that.

It wasn't that long ago that Apple changed the way we look at mobile phones.  Hardware awesomeness aside, it was a game changer.  Why?

Because it fundamentally shifted the reasons and ways we wanted to be connected to the web.  (Read: killer apps.)

If you're thinking about postponing your investment in tablet computing, rethink that.

Here's why:

  1. Tablet computing is ideal for mobile business and the perfect complement to your desktop/notebook;
  2. Mobile applications are driving the evolution of our platforms and what we use them for;
  3. Simplicity + Interactivity will be the high demand equation as the work shift -- in culture and location --continues to evolve.

Where's your office?  It's anywhere.