Know thy web

Map of the internet December 1998 Wired magazine..The web is one of the largest and most influential social forces in history.

So how much does your organization invest in studying it?  In unpacking things like the impact the web is having on your products, workplace culture, and organizational social graph as it relates to your customers?

Recently, from one of our favorite thought leaders, we learned about the opportunity to study the web as academic discipline.  This is from Rensellaer Polytechnic:

Nothing like the Web has ever happened in all of human history. The scale of its impact and the rate of its adoption are unparalleled. This is a great opportunity as well as an obligation. If we are to ensure the Web benefits the human race we must first do our best to understand it. The Web is the largest human information construct in history. The Web is transforming society. In order to understand what the Web is, engineer its future and ensure its social benefit we need a new interdisciplinary field that we call Web Science.

No one raises an eyebrow when you claim the web is altering our social fabric.  Dare to suggest it's displacing existing business models and suddenly you need the equivalent of a biblical justification to allocate resources to its study.

Change, adapting to it, anticipating it, creating it, are all core competencies of the 21st century leader. Understanding the effect the web has on your business, your industry, your staff and the world isn't an option. 

It's expected.

Hurry, before someone discontinues you.