What's your story, morning glory?

You don't think social media's for you?  That's fine.

You aren't that interested in interactivity and transparency. Okay.

You don't care that people are talking about you and you're not part of the dialogue.  Alright.  (Seriously?)

The most undeniable fact --and opportunity-- in the conversation economy is this:

Everybody's got a story.

And somebody's telling it, even if it isn't you.  You can bet on that.

Sure, you're telling it in the About Us section of your website (which shouldn't, by the way, be your site's first feature) but what kinds of revisions are going on all around you?

We had the pleasure of sitting down with a new client today, one whose story has been subject over many, many years, to revisionist history...you know, the textbook kind.

The point?  

They've spent years battling perception and misunderstanding.  Now, they're taking their show online. They intend to use the interactive environment to tell their own stories, to build pride and community, and to reach out and encourage sharing and conversations.  Simultaneously, they'll take charge of their story and encourage others to own it...and spread it.

Every nation has a story.  Who's telling yours?