The Art of Un

What happens when a group of bloggers, podcasters, tech gurus, community builders, marketers, super geeks and super geek wannabes get together for a Saturday? 


We took part in a PodCamp this weekend, along with 200+ of our community's finest technology and social media enthusiasts.  The beauty of the model (an unconference) is that everyone contributes their expertise in grassroots sessions about everything from tweeting for business or making a podcast sounds like music, to how you can get famous doing stupid things on the Internet.

There was an awesome custom twitter app by a local web firm, a diverse crowd from which almost none of the "usual suspects" could be picked, and the beer came in at noon.

So what?

The Podcamp model (and the forward thinkers who propagate it locally and internationally) is an amazing example of grassroots organizing around interests and passions (and less about the technology iteself).

Even more impressive is the diversity of attendees and contributors, and the very real and sincere collaboration by, and sharing between, individuals and companies that would by any other name in any other space, be staunch competitors.

And if there was any doubt about the volume and capacity of talent and next gen leadership -- creative, academic, digital -- in our community (or yours), this type of gathering should cause anyone to think again.  Some are even ready for hire right now.

Are PodCamps (and soon, ChangeCamps) a transferrable model for how we conduct ourselves in traditional business and community?

We sure as hell hope so.