Change Camp v. rubber chicken - round 1

Today we're fortunate to be joining a group of passionate citizens at a ChangeCamp for our community.

On the way in this morning, we were reflecting on the stunning change we've seen in said community -- the passionate people, the grassroots events, the energy pervading all things (PodCamp, AgendaCamp, Nuit Blanche....the list goes on in this formerly "sleepy, conservative" town.)

So what's the biggie?

Today is about being engaged, not being seen.

This event is free, not ticketed at a rate only the elite can afford.

There's a hashtag (#ccldn) but there's no rubber chicken.

The crowd is entirely diverse -- all ages, all backgrounds, all experience (and there are no suits here.)

This is not to impugn the old model, just to say, a new day is dawning -- inclusive, innovative, diverse, and emerging not from the institution but from the grassroots.

Not that we have anything against chicken but this crowd seems to think we've had our fill.