The content is you

Social media has changed the news business forever.  News is fully commoditized and available at lightening speed online. (This is not breaking news.)

One of the changes keeping online editors up at night is the battle (or balance) of speed vs. quality.  

If you're on Twitter, you likely heard about the giant sink hole in Guatemala there first, a few days before you saw photos of it on the front page of your local daily.

This begs some interesting questions:  Is it better to be first to market, or best in market?  More importantly, how do these shifts in the content status quo relate to your business, your personal brand, your future investment potential or sales prospects?  

Ask your team this critical question:

How do people act around your content?

  • Do they trust it?
  • How do you decide what's important?  (Not just what's new, but what your customers truly value?)
  • Is your content passion-based?  (Focused and deep not broad and general -- think Internet vs. TV.)
  • How does your competition react to your content?

The story you weave about your products, your business, your everything will evolve whether you instigate it or not.

Don't take your organization's cultural currency for granted.

Long term success in curating the story of you, depends on you.